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Cindy Curley

Cindy Curley | Owner
Cindy graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Business After years of decorating houses for friends, family and herself, she became an interior designer at Norwalk Furniture in 1998. In 2005, Ryan and Cindy made the decision to purchase Norwalk Furniture. It only seemed like the natural thing to do and ended up being a perfect fit. Cindy’s goal is “to give clients a unique, fashion forward sense of style.” It’s a good balance between using a business logic and artistic talent.




Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson | Owner
Ryan holds a degree in the design fields from Oklahoma State University. He has been practicing residential and commercial design for over 10 years. After joining the Norwalk design team in 2001, he went on to purchase the store with Cindy Curley in 2005. He believes in giving clients a classic and timeless design, with a modern twist.